NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

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Tattoos, FMX, BMX, Live Music, Live Performances & More

Checkout where all the artists are going to be in the Tattoo Zone & when all the Action Sports, Live Music, Live Performances & Best of Day Tattoo Competitions are on at the TSB Stadium.




Gates Open 11.00am
FMX & BMX Shows 1.00pm
FMX & BMX Shows 3.00pm
Favour the Brave Tattoo Roulette (Mad Mex Stage) 3.30pm
Shosha Tattoo Competition 3.40pm
FMX & BMX Shows 6.30pm
Best of Day Saturday Tattoo Comp 9.00pm
End of Day 10.00pm


Gates Open 11.00am
FMX & BMX Shows 1.00pm
FMX & BMX Shows 3.00pm
Shosha Tattoo Competition 3.40pm
FMX & BMX Shows 5.00pm
Best of Day Sunday Tattoo Comp 6.00pm
End of Day 7.00pm


What date is the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival held, and what are the opening hours?

The 2021 NZ Tattoo & Art Festival will be held on the 27th & 28th November

Saturday 13th of February 11am-10pm.

Sunday 14th of February 11am-7pm.

Where can I buy tickets from?

Tickets will go on sale in early 2021 from Ticketek

Where is the event held?

TSB Stadium, 1 Rogan Street, New Plymouth.

How can I get a tattoo at the festival?

You can email the tattoo artists directly to book a tattoo or get a walk up over the festival weekend. A list of artists attending this year’s festival can be found on the artist page of our website.

If I’m booked in for a tattoo do I still need to buy a ticket?

Yes, you need to buy a ticket to get entry into the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival.

Do I have to have a booking to get a tattoo?

No, some artists will have space for walk up tattoos over the weekend. If you have someone in mind that you would like to get a tattoo from making an appointment with them is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Is the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival an R18 event?

No. The NZ Tattoo & Art Festival is a family friendly event. Alongside tattooing there is FMX & BMX shows plus a dedicated kid zone area. Kids 14 & under get in free when accompanied by a paying adult.

What happens if my tattoo is booked in at 11am when the festival opens, can I get in early?

No. Due to health and safety, no public will be admitted into the Tattoo Area until the festival opens at 11am, we will allow pre purchased ticket holders into the outdoor area at 10.30am.

Are there cash out facilities available?

There are no built-in cash out machines at the TSB Stadium. It is advisable to bring cash to the event as your artist may not have eftpos available.

How much does a tattoo cost?

All artists charge their own rates depending on the tattoo.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

In order to get tattooed at the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival you must be 18 years or over.

Can I bring aerosol cans into the event (like spray deodorant)?

No. The TSB stadium does not permit aerosol cans.

Are there any retail stalls?

Yes. We have a retail area in the outdoor area and artists may also have merchandise for sale. Official NZ Tattoo & Art Festival T Shirts are available at the information booth.

Are animals allowed?

No. The TSB Stadium does not permit any animals except for seeing eye dogs.

Can I apply to volunteer at the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival?

Yes. Go to the Volunteer section of this website to submit your application.